SENDIASS Champs are a small group of young people with an interest in supporting other disabled young people across the Bay.

They meet monthly to support and advise the SENDIASS Torbay team on how best this might be achieved. They are happy to come to talk to you and tell you about SENDIASS and the Torbay Leisure Card which provides reduced and free entry charges for families with a Disability Living Allowance.

Meet the SENDIASS Champs

Shanice, 13

“Being a Champ helps me calmer at school and help others when they lose their temper. I love this group!”

Jamie, 17

“I’m just a kid who knows the system and wants to help play it.”

Sophie, 13

“I enjoy being a SENDIASS Champ: I like the regular meetings we have and it is really nice to meet new people.”

Alex, 24

“I enjoy supporting children and young people who are deemed to be at a disadvantage.”

Annoshka, 21

“I am a SENDIASS Champ to help people and do my best to make a difference in their lives.”

Shannon, 13

“I get to wear a SENDIASS Champs hoodie and help other people in my year group.”

Paige, 13

“I am a SENDIASS Champ to help other children so they don’t get kicked out of school.”